How it works

How to create an agency profile?

First, you have to have an existing registered company, go to on the top of the page click sign up for an agency, complete the three main steps

1-     Then press on the agency settings tab add your Facebook page, website, LinkedIn and Twitter, also you will need to add your company logo, cover page and about your company.

2-     Choose your company services from my services tab you will find the main services, by clicking on the main service you will find the sub-services that you will choose from

3-     Add your company clients, by clicking on my clients you will have the option to add your clients one by one

4-     Add your projects done for the clients you added, by clicking on my client’s tab you will find the list of clients added by you, you can click on any client you will find add new project, please add all projects done by your company to the client you are on

OOH Advertising:

-        If your company have any outdoor or indoor advertising locations and you are willing to offer it to clients please follow the following steps:

1-     Go to OOH advertising tab

2-     Chose from indoor or outdoor advertising

3-     Click add new on the up-right bottom

4-     Fill the required fields for each location then click save

5-     After clicking save you will be able to add the photos for each outdoor location then click send for review and so on for the rest of advertising locations

How do rates companies’ profiles?

Rating depends on some factors, which is adding your company website, using a business email, adding your company social media channels, adding your company portfolio, adding more than 5 projects and how fast are you responding to client’s requests.


How to increase my company profile visitors:

1-     Try to reach the five stars rating by following these steps:

A-     From account setting make sure you have added your company website, social media URLs, profile logo, cover

B-     Make sure your profile is updated with your company latest projects, as much as you update your company profiles you will have a good chance to be on the top of profile listing.

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